Filing PCT national phase applications world-wide (selected countries) is no more a huge task for the applicants or their attorneys. Lexinvent makes it simpler by having a single contact for all the applications world-wide. You don’t have to maintain different files or no discussions with different agents world over. This is how we make it,


  • Register and log-in to our portal.
  • Give your PCT publication number to get a quick estimate.
  • Select the countries where you wish to enter national phase.
  • Calculate the estimate and place the order.
  • Payment can be made through wire transfer upon receiving confirmation email.


  • You may select to remove translation charges for any country (when Non-English specification is required).
  • Select on the country name to see the information about PCT national phase filing procedure and charges (download from )
  • Upload any document(s) after placing the order successfully.


  • Lon-in with your userID & password.
  • Select the file which you have placed the order to see the list of countries ordered.
  • Click on the country to know the status of the file.


  • We retrieve the information relating to the PCT application from Open Patent Services (OPS) provided by European Patent Office.
  • We assume that the specification is submitted in English language only and for any country translation is supposed to be for English to other language.

Further information on PCT national phase applications may be found in FAQs.