Meaning and Content

Designs play a real life role in the modern world. Designs reflect a synchronization of aesthetics and utility. Intrinsically rooted rich cultural heritage having innumerable forms of traditional designs. The other side of the spectrum is the designing activity in the realm of industrial production.

New or Original Designs

A design to be registrable must be new or original. Original means originating from the author of the design. New applications of old designs are registrable. Designs which are not new or original or disclosed to the public in any other country or not significantly distinguishable from known designs or combinations of known designs or comprising scandalous or obscene matter are not registrable.

Design Registration System

Most countries provide for national design laws providing for a system to administer the registered designs. The process typically involves filing applications for registration of designs in the prescribed format, remedying the objections, if any, by the Design Examiner and getting the design granted.