Our Chairman

Ramesh B Vishwanathula

Founder and Chief Attorney
Advocate and Registered Patent Agent/Attorney (India)
Solicitor of Supreme Court of England & Wales (United Kingdom)
Arbitrator appointed to World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva)

Ramesh B Vishwanathula is the Founder and Chief Attorney of the Law firm ‘Lexinvent Technology Protection(P) Ltd’ (Lexinvent).

His experience includes national and international working in the Intellectual Property Laws.

His specialization includes the drafting & protection of patents in internationl domain, litigation (legal cases), non-infringement opinion, patent search and patent valuations / validity of patents. .

His past experience includes as Intellectual Property Leader with Dow Chemicals Inc., USA and working as Patent Attorney in other countries like South Africa and Republic of Botswana. He also represented before several other IP offices of Singapore, Malaysia, UAE etc.,

He is a regular invitee for several National and International Seminars and Conferences as a key speaker / Chairman. He has successively delivered his presentations in the field of IPR and he is noted for the best expertise in the practical procedures world-wide.

Several write-up, articles and interviews are published in the leading news papers like Times of India, Hindu, Financial Express etc., at various instances.

Currently he is also the IP advisor for prominent organizations like

Confederation of Indian Industries,
National Institute of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (Govt. of India)
Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural Univerisity,
International Institute of Information Technology,
And several other R & D organizations and companies.


  • B.Sc.(Chemistry)
  • LL.M (IP & Tech)
  • CCIP, WIPO Geneva
  • QLTT, Oxford University, UK
Tel: +91 (040) 2716 2047 / 2716 2074
Mob: +91 9948097573
Email: rbv@vgaip.com