Our Values

Our Work Culture:

Lexinvent Technology Protection(P) Ltd (Lexinvent) fosters an environment of openness, innovative, on-dot and transparent, which is why perhaps, clients, corporate and other law firms all over the world continue to join together with us every year.

Our committed attorneys and professionals believe in being transparent and working within due dates, thereby creating a rich pool of professional expertise towards the prosecution of each and every file entrusted to us. Above all, we are a performance-driven IP-law firm, which believes that the transparency and on-dot response gives us good reputation among our clients.

Case management system (CMS)

A full-fledged Case Management System (CMS) was conceptualized and subsequently built by our team of IT and IP professionals to act as a comprehensive business tool, augmenting and enhancing our daily work.

Our founder first mooted the idea for a customized software program that will enhance job performance, on-dot attending to the files, easy access of files to our all offices/staff, regular status update to the clients, client login provision for access to their file at any time and more over to contribute to the growing environment consciousness..

The CMS, now fully utilized by all staff, is an electronic version of our physical files. It monitors the progress of each file, stores and back-up all relevant information and provides quick and easy access to a particular file whenever required. It has an inclusive deadline tracking system and is capable of generating various reports.

Apart from fulfilling our main objectives, another significant benefit is the gradual decline of paper reliance, indirectly reducing paper usage. This is aligned with the firms commitment to create a greener working environment wherever possible.

CMS allows separate access facilities for our file entrusting agencies, foreign Law Firms, IP Attorneys.