About us

Lexinvent Technology Protection(P) Ltd (Lexinvent) is a dedicated Intellectual Property (IP) law firm. The core to the firm is Global practice in the area of Intellectual Property. With the latest Information Technology tools, we at Lexinvent, provide high quality and low cost IP Services to attorneys, corporate, and individuals around the world. Our clients range from Individuals and startups to Fortune 500 Companies.

At Lexinvent, the practice arena of intellectual property is staffed by a right-mix of experienced professionals along with young energetic fresh blood, who come from multidisciplinary and diverse backgrounds giving rise to a pool of talent in Lexinvent. Our members are dedicated to your success by applying rigorous energy, experience, resourcefulness, and in arriving at the solutions to every project we accept. Our underlying belief in being transparent, candid and interactive with the client has earned us many satisfying clients all over the world. The firm craves to provide multiple options and solutions to the client before commencing any work. This has created immense value for the clients and has significantly earned reputation.

Established in 1999, the firm today is one of the leading IP-law firms. The firm has branch offices or network partners in major countries world-wide.

Today, Lexinvent is committed to make PCT national phase applications worldwide easier without contacting several attorneys/law firms worldwide. You may simply rely on Lexinventfor taking care of your worldwide filings with 24X7 online file status.


Our Mission

At Lexinvent Technology Protection(P) Ltd (Lexinvent), our mission will be accomplished by living according to values that speak to the economic, social, and professional responsibilities of business and clients