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Contact lens patented by Sony is supercool - Lexinvent Pvt Ltd - IP Law Firm

Sony needs to take camera innovation to next level with its most recent patent. The Japanese multinational has been granted another patent that portrays a contact focal point ready to record recordings with users consider eye flickers. The protected contact focal point has savvy sensors installed in it that can separate between an automatic squint and a consider flicker.

While this is not the first occasion when we have run over such contact focal point licenses, Sony tries to vary from the past Google and Samsung licenses that goes for measuring glucose levels or join enlarged reality ideas individually.

According to TNI, seven Japanese innovators have cooperated to outline the contact focal points that notwithstanding a camera, likewise incorporates remote handling unit and a capacity unit. This permits Sony’s flicker controlled contact focal point offer the capacity for later survey of pictures and recordings. The focal points will draw control from straightforward procedure of electromagnetic enlistment. As noted, Sony is known for its optics and the licensed contact focal points may likewise offer camera elements, for example, gap control, self-adjust, and picture adjustment.

                           Image source: Hexapolis

While this truly sounds cutting edge, in the meantime we trust that Sony’s contact focal points can bring about a break of an individual’s protection. The individual could never realize that somebody with such advanced tech can record his/her exercises with only a flicker of an eye. This may raise protection concerns when the innovation will go standard in the coming years; something comparable occurred with Google Glasses.

Other than Sony, Google is apparently building up another keen contact focal point that will gauge a wearer’s glucose levels by testing their tears. In a patent application, Google flaunted potential outlines for how it could bundle a brilliant contact focal point. The focal point would have the capacity to gage a wearer’s glucose levels by simply investigating tears.


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