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Autonomous (Self-driving) Car Patented by Google - Lexinvent Pvt Ltd - IP Law Firm

From past few years, Google has been developing the ‘Driver less’ cars technology. These self-driving cars have driven a lot of miles through the years, although Google has yet to make these autonomous cars commercial. Now, Google has filed some Patents for driverless cars that could spell doom for companies like Uber.

Google Self Driving
Google Self Driving

The patent applications were first noticed by Patent Yogi earlier in the month. The specific patent application basically would allow autonomous cars to determine pickup and destination locations. Google wants these self-driving cars to operate fully while the passengers are just sitting there only providing basic input. The basic input would be destination location or pickup location, and then the autonomous car would take over from there. The issue is though, not all locations are really safe for the self-driving cars, such as in emergency vehicle lanes or construction zones. These are some areas where a human is much safer on the roadway than a self-driving car.

This isn’t the first patent filed by Google in relation to its self-driving efforts. Last year, the tech company was granted a patent for a unique solution to minimize injuries when a self-driving car strikes a pedestrian. The patent describes “an adhesive layer positioned on the front end of the vehicle” that pedestrians will simply stick to “in the event of a collision” — in other words, human flypaper.

Even though Google looks to directly compete with Uber and Lyft in the near future, Google is working together with Uber right now.

Google remains one of Uber’s early investors and backers, we might soon see them as competitors as both are gearing to bring the autonomous vehicle technology on roads.


Image and Article Source: http://appinformers.com/google-files-autonomous-car-patents-end-uber/5863/


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