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2016 Highest US Patents receiver- IBM - Lexinvent Blogs 2017

IBM revealed on Jan. 9 that it broke the U.S. corporate Patent record in 2016 with 8,088 Patents granted to its inventors in a single calendar year. This marks the first time any company or organization has earned more than 8,000 Patents in one year, and it is the 24th consecutive year that IBM has been No. 1 on the list.

IBM, which allocated a cool $3 billion for new research and development in processors in 2014 and another $3 billion for the internet of things research in 2015, has been focused on continuous invention and innovation through strategic research and development for more than a century. Seeking Patents in key strategic areas — such as AI and cognitive computing — is an important part of this strategy.

More than 8,500 IBM inventors residing in 47 states and territories and 47 countries are responsible for IBM’s record-setting tally. IBM inventors based in New York received over 2,700 Patents, while IBMers based in California and Texas were granted over 1,000 Patents each.

The Top Ten list of 2016 U.S. Patent recipients, according to data provided by IFI Claims Patent Services, is as follows:
  1. IBM: 8,088
  2. Samsung Electronics: 5,518
  3. Canon: 3,665
  4. Qualcomm: 2,897
  5. Google: 2,835
  6. Intel: 2,784
  7. LG Electronics: 2,428
  8. Microsoft: 2,398
  9. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.: 2,288
  10. Sony: 2,181


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