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Fitbit drops Patent case to block Jawbone imports to US - Lexinvent Pvt Ltd - IP Law Firm

Fitbit has withdrawn a year-old Patent complaint filed with the US International Trade Commission that sought a ban on the import of Jawbone’s fitness tracker into the US.

Fitbit, also a fitness tracker maker, told the ITC in a Friday filing that it’s no longer pursing Patent claims against Jawbone because its rival appears to be in financial turmoil.


Jawbone appears to be a different company than it was when Fitbit filed its complaint in November 2015, Friday’s filing said, “It no longer offers for sale any of its wearable activity trackers, nor any of its other products,” the filing said. “Press reports and other public documents indicate that the demise of Jawbone’s products has created substantial questions regarding Jawbone’s ability to continue to operate.”

In the third quarter, Jawbone’s share of the wearable market was too small to register, according to market researcher IDC, while Fitbit captured nearly a quarter of sales. However, Jawbone, which makes the Up line of fitness trackers, also makes other devices like wireless speakers and headphones.

Jawbone filed three lawsuits in two months in 2015 against Fitbit, claiming that Fitbit strategically lured away its employees to gain knowledge of key trade secrets, including its upcoming product lineup, information about its supply chain and financial data.

Fitbit reportedly has two other pending Patent-infringement cases against Jawbone, filed in San Francisco and Wilmington, Delaware.

(Originally Published in CNET)


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