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New Patents of Nitendo switch shows head mounted Visual-Reality Gadget - Lexinvent Pvt Ltd - IP Law Firm

Nitendo is all set to take video gaming, on the go to another level.

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has received filing for a “HMD (Head Mounted Display) with the main unit 2 attached thereto”. In less jargon-filled terms, that means a headset that the Switch is inserted into, similar to how mobile VR solutions such as Samsung Gear VR work.

Nitendo Patent Design
                Patent design of Nitendo for VR

The arctechnica published, the diagram and description come from a trove of five Patent applications (as noted by NeoGAF) that were filed with the US Patent and Trademark office on June 10 and published today. Unlike most Patent applications, which may describe product ideas that will never be announced (much less released), these Patents quite clearly describe the Nintendo Switch and its detachable JoyCon controllers with details that match what’s known from the system’s October reveal.

While that may not be enough to take on PS4 Pro or Xbox One S- it seems increasingly unlikely Switch will be capable of 4K output, even when docked for use as a home console – it could provide a deeper mobile VR experience than is currently available using smartphones. Hopefully, exact VR plans will be part of Nintendo’s wider reveal next month.



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