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Face detecting technology Patented by Jaguar Land Rover - Lexinvent Pvt Ltd - IP Law Firm

Using a key to open your car could be a thing of the past under new technology being developed by Jaguar Land Rover.

Face detecting technology Patented by Jaguar Land Rover
Image for display purpose only (Image Source: The Fiscal Times)

Jaguar’s goal is to make their cars more secure and more convenient in case motorist lose or leave their keys behind.

When owners approach their cars, the electronic wizardry could judge whether this is the real person who owns the vehicle or some thief. The Land Rover is the vehicle Jaguar is currently working on as regards this special technology.

This is a remarkable new technology, as it will give car owners a feeling of security. Another advantage is that car owners no longer need to put aside their belongings such as grocery bags when entering their vehicle. And they no longer need to look through a ton of stuff in case they accidentally drop their key fob inside their suitcase.


Article source:  Patently Apple

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