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British Airway’s new Patent called ‘Digital Pill’ - Lexinvent Pvt Ltd - IP Law Firm

Will you take a pill on midflight that will automatically let the cabin crew knows about your condition, even before you speak about it?

This week, British Airways filed a Patent on an ingestible sensor that will transmit how you’re feeling to the cabin crew.


British Airways
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In a customer-service industry like aviation, airlines constantly strive to improve their offer, to create differences that will stimulate demand and persuade passengers to pay a premium in a ferociously competitive market.

This digital pill of sorts will transmit information to flight attendants to “provide water when the passenger is determined to be dehydrated, to offer a blanket when the detected temperature is determined to be below a predefined and/or preferred threshold, or not to disturb or wake up for a scheduled meal based on the determined sleep phase of the passenger.

While information is scarce about how exactly the pill-popping experience would play out (medical risks? first class only?) this news only seems to point toward what we already know: The future of travel is here.


Article source:  CNT Traveller

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