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Voice controlled drone for Traffic cops patented by Amazon - Lexinvent Pvt Ltd - IP Law Firm

With a new Patent, Amazon has shown how technology can play a pivotal role in traffic stop, which is a common encounter between citizen and police.

Amazon has recently secured an invention of a small shoulder drone that works on voice control and allows policeman to examine the vehicle even before approaching the person.

These drones have capability to buzz around the vehicle and give the information like, how many people are present in car, etc.

Amazon new patent shoulder drone
Patent design of Amazon Drone

The patent explains that the camera-equipped drone, which would be voice-activated for ease of use, could enable an officer to assess a location or specific object in greater detail – and from a safe distance – by hovering over and around it, streaming live video back to the cop so he or she can make a more informed judgment on how to proceed.

This technology could actually become handy but also may lead to misconduct investigation and also challenges Constitutional law.

There are lots of debates over the application of such invention, but, if properly governed by law such inventions can bring revolution.

The patent was filed last year before being granted by the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office in October.

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